DJ Drea = 2 turntables & a microphone + a live rock band 

electro-pop rock hip hop, dance and freestyle 

Growing up in Los Angeles, DJ Drea’s flair for style comes from her Hollywood surroundings. 
She started DJing and making beats on an MPC which naturally grew into her love for the studio and programming. Her dream manifested into an explosion of her studio brought to life on stage with a live band. 

DJ Drea’s music is about now, the future and freedom of living and giving driven by funk, the flow whats cool and shining bright making a difference in the world 

The Vision is a combination of production and turntablism with a live band . The music is organic and electronic. And the style of music is a mix of upbeat hip hop and RnB grooves & soul fused with dance, rock and progressive beats. 

The live band is made up of: Cale Giachello on drums, Miiko Watanabe on bass- toured with likes of Gwen Stefani and Dave Navarro, Daniel Alexander - formerly from Mozart and Jetliner on keys and Sam Wright who plays with White Elephant and Rocky Duwani on guitar. Charlie Charles and Ijeoma Njaka are singing back-up vocals. 

DJ Drea’s self titled CD (available on Itunes) is a mix of Hip-Hop/R&B and electric pop with playful upbeat vocals. Chris Johnson (Evanesence- “Bring Me to Life”) produced the CD with the exception of "babydoll"-produced by XL(Dr Dre/The Game) 

DJ Drea’s EP - “Kiss the Future””- available on Itunes 
featuring Aerosmith and Blondie “Sweet Rapture” mash-up 

DJ Drea  plays regularly at The Viper Room,  the foundation room in House of Blues and The King King and all local venues in Los Angeles.